Electrical Contractors

We work extensively with electrical contractors to help them recycle scrap metal products such as wire and cable, aluminum conduit, cable tray, copper pipe, and even switchgear from their job sites.

We are able to maximize the rebate to the contractor by knowing exactly how to collect and sort the materials in preparation for sale to the final consumer.

Tips for Electrical Contractors to Maximize Returns

Separate wire by type: Separating high-voltage electrical cable from low-voltage communications wire allows the scrap dealer to weigh and grade each type of wire based on its copper or aluminum content. Recoveries vary - and keeping the wires separated takes the guesswork out of measuring the exact weight of each type of conductor. It's also important to separate copper and aluminum for processing.

Don't strip insulation from wire: Stripping insulation by hand is a dangerous task and does not add any value to the wire. Wire value is based on known metal recovery formulas for each type of wire. The insulation is ultimately removed from the conductor by high-speed wire chopping machines. It's also fine to leave wire on the spool because the machines will also separate the wood content from the wire. Never burn wire to remove its insulation - this is a wasted effort and could lead to fines from the EPA!

Remove all contaminants: The highest valued insulated copper wire, called #1, is copper wire with no other metallic contaminants. The next best classification of copper wire, called #2, contains contaminants such as brass connectors, solder, and plating. Connectors, end fittings, and plated or lead items are worth far less than copper. If possible, remove the noncopper items. You can raise the value of your wire scrap by removing these contaminants ahead of time - increasing your scrap grade from #2 to #1.

Do not overload your vehicle! If you want to deliver your scrap to Lenox be careful not to overload your vehicle. Wire and cable can be extremely heavy. If you cannot safely haul the material to the scrap yard yourself, ask us to provide containers and use our pickup service to transport the scrap instead. If you have a large amount of material - 5,000 pounds or more - this service is complimentary. Please note that lockable containers can be made available if security needs are an issue.

Watch for other recyclable materials: Other materials found on job sites, such as aluminum conduit, cable trays, copper pipe, brass fixtures, control centers, and switchgear can also be of significant value. We would be happy to help you assess the trade-in value of your scrap materials.