About Lenox Metals, LLC

The responsible collection and conscientious reclamation of waste are important issues to Hawaii's island economy and its fragile environment. Lenox Metals, LLC. has provided that extra margin of protection to the environment and a safe and efficient means of recycling and reducing commercial, industrial and residential metals in Hawaii for more than 25 years.

The new age of reclamation is more than just buying and selling scrap. It demands a new sense of doing business. Scrap dealers must now be able to provide assistance in identifying and collecting scrap, must conform to higher standards of accuracy in accounting for scrap, and must find improved solutions to the problems of processing and recycling of metal by-products. Concern must be evidence for the profit of the business client and for the future of the environment.

The Lenox management team, with more than 30 years of experience, is establishing performance, occupational, and environmental standards for the metals recycling industry. We believe integrated services and prompt payment are essential, so we exploit global communications and worldwide metal markets to make premium pricing for your scrap a reality.